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Intensive Lipodraining
300 ml | 10.14 fl.oz.

Body milk, which helps treat all types of cellulite and localized fat thanks to the combined presence of caffeine, guarana and gotu kola with latest generation plant-based active ingredients

For skin that needs drainage and skin with cellulite.


  • Caffeine: it has anti-oxidant, reducing, toning and draining properties; it stimulates micro-circulation and the production of collagen.
  • Guaranà: it performs a lipolytic action on localised adipose tissue, it provides anti-cellulite and thinning properties.
  • Centella: It helps improve the tone and strength of vein and capillary tissues. It strengthens vascular tone and reduces capillary permeability and swelling.


Apply at least once a day to the affected areas, massaging until completely absorbed. Enhance the application by using the most suitable booster based on personal needs.


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