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We are Sustainability Oriented!
As a leader in sustainable beauty, Byotea offers an experience that is more than skin deep: Clean Beauty is our way of life. Our mission is to create professional products that not only enhance your beauty but also embody our commitment to sustainability. Every Byotea product is a statement on sustainable elegance, effortlessly blending luxury and environmental responsibility.

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Active Ingredients and Packaging

The core of our philosophy revolves around carefully sourced active ingredients and production processes that minimize environmental impacts. Every Byotea package is an ode to sustainability, made with recycled and recyclable materials. The percentage of recycled material in our packaging varies from 50% to 95-100%, as part of our concrete commitment to reducing our ecological footprint.

We also made the decision not to laminate the outside of our boxes, for a smoother and more sustainable recycling cycle. We only use FSC certified paper, reflecting our dedication to sustainably managed resources.


All BYOTEA packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials.

and Quality

Our Commitment to Excellence

Byotea’s skincare lines embody excellence thanks to the constant efforts of our research and development team. In addition to creating our formulations, these experts also play a crucial role in the production phase and in rigorous quality control throughout the entire production chain.

Our philosophy is based on quality, precision, and attention to detail. Each Byotea product is the result of thorough research and a meticulous development phase involving the latest discoveries in the field of cosmetology. Our commitment to excellence is reflected not only in our advanced formulations but also in our meticulous approach to the production process.

100% Italian Production
and Supply Chain

Byotea skincare stands for excellence and is entirely made in Italy, with the support of an extensively qualified research and development laboratory. Our dedication to excellence and our pride in the Made in Italy label translates into high-quality skincare that meets the most discerning standards in beauty and wellness treatments.