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Join us on the journey to discovering your authentic beauty. Each Byotea product is designed to bring nature’s vitality into your daily life. Derived from the Greek words bios, meaning “life”, and theios ,meaning “divinity”, our name reflects our mission, which is to capture the divine essence that resides in each of us. Our products invite you to embrace your inner goddess and discover the transformative power of natural wellness.

Celebrating nature

Its strength, its grandeur, its infinite capacity for regeneration, its ability to give life and to turn even the smallest things into wonders

Our story


The brand was born in 2012, though it was originally named Byothea before becoming Byotea. Right from the start, we positioned ourselves as a trusted brand in the beauty and skincare sector, serving global beauty professionals.


2022 marked the start of a new chapter for our brand, with the launch of a new generation of more powerful and eco-friendly products. Through continuous research and development, we commit to providing beauty solutions that satisfy our customers and respect the environment.


In 2023, we embarked on a new path, with a vision of growing our brand among professionals, beauty salons, and end customers. We’ve become a trusted partner in the beauty sector, offering solutions in support of our customers’ wellness.


What Byotea believes in


Simplicity and essentiality are the brand’s defining values, as well as our guidelines when developing products and protocols.


We respect nature and care about the environment because we know the future depends on it.


We create products that respond to the needs of both professionals and end consumers, and we build protocols and sales techniques to support them.


& Homecare

Transform your everyday beauty routine by bringing salon perfection home.

As a beauty brand, Byotea’s mission sets it apart thanks to its focus on quality, professional expertise, and environmental sustainability. Our dual commitment is reflected in the “Byotea Professional” and “Byotea Homecare” lines, allowing us to support salon practitioners as they work their magic, as well as to inspire people to cultivate their beauty every day by fostering awareness, positivity, and wellness through daily habits.

Professional Line

Homecare Line

Nature at the service
of Beauty


Byotea stands for essentiality and uncompromising quality: because your beauty lies at the heart of our mission. Our 100% Made in Italy skincare lines are formulated with high-quality natural active ingredients. Safety is our priority, and all formulations are subjected to rigorous dermatological tests. They are nickel-free, gluten-free, and reflect our vegan philosophy, as well as containing no PARAFFIN – PETROLATUM – GMO – SLS – SLES.

The harmony between beauty and environmental responsibility

Where the perfection of in-spa treatment turns into a daily beauty routine at home.

Each product is a step towards a sustainable future, with carefully selected raw materials, recycled packaging, and production in line with the highest environmental standards. With Byotea, beauty becomes an act of love for oneself and for the world around us. Each product is a declaration of commitment to sustainable beauty, an experience that combines the effectiveness of skincare with environmental responsibility.