In Love
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Your beauty is our passion

Your beauty,
is our passion

Discover the pinnacle of beauty with Byotea’s combination of quality, professionalism, and sustainability. Let us take your beauty routine to new heights thanks to 100% Made in Italy face and body skincare products made with high-quality natural active ingredients.
Byotea’s constant commitment to quality and professional expertise sets it apart, catering to both industry professionals and discerning consumers.

Byotea Lines

Learn more about Byotea and give your skin the treatment it deserves.

Explore our Professional and Homecare lines, in which excellent cosmetics are formulated for convenient, everyday use. From precise, specialist formulas to products you can use in the comfort of your own home, we offer advanced solutions for uncompromising beauty.

Professional Line

Homecare Line

Inspired by nature,
in the service
of beauty.

Innovative, powerful formulas are the core of Byotea. Our skincare products, entirely made in Italy, contain masterful blends of natural active ingredients. Each product is the result of in-depth research and passion, which translates into visible results on the skin.

Clean Beauty

Our vision for ethical beauty.

Your beauty lies at the heart of our mission. That is why all our formulas are dermatologically tested to ensure maximum safety. They are nickel-free, gluten-free, and reflect our vegan philosophy, as well as containing no PARAFFIN – PETROLATUM – GMO – SLS – SLES. This is a conscious choice to offer you the best for your skin.




At Byotea, sustainability is our guiding philosophy. Our packaging is made from recycled and fully recyclable materials, helping to reduce our environmental impact. Each package represents a tangible commitment to a greener future, thanks to carefully selected raw materials and environmentally friendly production processes.

Byotea Experience


Step into the world of Byotea by joining our skincare training Academy, where we equip professionals with the knowledge and expertise they need to excel in our sector.